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CFD Trading is high risk. You may lose more than you invest.

The Bifident affiliate program is perfectly suited for partners who primarily operate online and are open to introducing clients from whatever markets they chose to target. This is a popular partnership with unlimited earning potential. We committed to provide the best affiliate trading options, client continual growth and provide assistance in developing your website and overall online presence through the addition of competitive features, increased usability, and even Search Engine Optimization audit.

Whether you are building an entirely new site, or working with an existing one, our team is happy to freely provide the expertise to help you achieve the results needed to drive your business forward. For established affiliates who generate huge Forex and Crypto traffic and believe that this is the time to diversify that traffic and earn massive rebates online, then there is no point delaying, all you have to do is contact us via

Benefits of Joining Our Affiliate Trading Program

For more information on how to become an affiliate partner or any other related enquiries, please contact us via email at

We respond to all enquiries very quickly and all affiliates are allocated a dedicated Affiliate Manager for a superior and more personal support experience.